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Internet Access
Enjoy the benefits of broadband internet access at your home with ADSL or Cable and let us be your single point of access to receive the best deal available from the leading Broadband Providers (Belgacom Skynet, Brutélé, Telenet...).
At any given time we know the price offers of the best Belgian Broadband providers. Contact us for a free consultation, and let us compare the services available to your home or business.


Once it's working, broadband is refreshingly easy to use. However, actually getting the broadband equipment set up can be difficult for casual computer users, and almost impossible for novices.
Ask for a Kerios Internet Installation
Many providers offer installation services, but if you don't speak French or Flemish, or your computer is in a non-local language, you might find yourself with a non-working installation.
Our technicians are English speaking, courteous and professional and will provide you a trouble free installation. They are experts at high-speed connection setup including ADSL, cable, modem, wi-fi, hub, router, network card and sharing issues.
You have more than 1 computer?
If you own multiple computers, you have probably thought about sharing a single Internet (DSL or cable modem) connection with all the computers in your home. Are you aware that you can also share a single printer between your computers; access shared files such as photographs, MP3s, spreadsheets and documents on any computer in the house and even play games that allow multiple users at different computers?
At the moment, wireless networking is the easiest and one of the least expensive options. With a very short visit to your place we can install and configure a wireless router, connect it to your cable modem or DSL modem, and have all your computers talking on a network.
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"Stay in Touch"
Stay in touch with your family and friends while you live abroad.
Email is a great tool but you can do more and better:
Website, Photo Albums, Blogs...
By building a website for your family, you can post your latest news and pictures easily and quickly.
With on-line Photo Albums, you'll be able to organize and publish your pictures only to the people you want to.
For example having a family blog is an easy way to keep everyone up to date with what's going on.
We can make it easy for you to upload, sort, name, and get your information on-line. There is no need to know HTML or any specific software; In a couple of hours we can teach you to be the master of your own album on-line.
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We provide on-site training for clients interested in increasing their proficiency in computing on one-to-one basis. To name a few of the many applications we provide this service for, we've trained clients to use Windows XP, Internet, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, pcAnywhere.
We also provide General Hardware Training so you could finally know the difference between a RAM memory and hard disk memory. How about learning to take the best out of the investments you already have, and to e.g. learn to use correctly your scanner or photo printer.
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